Local Church Mission Ideas – How Will You Serve?

When people talk about Church Missions it is often assumed that they are referring to a mission trip across the country, or even to the other side of the world. In this post I want to talk about the local church mission, the one that anyone can do, at anytime, right in their neighborhood or town/city.

We often forget about the people in our area, and focus on supporting or going on long distance church mission trips. I believe these types of trips get more attention because they take more money, fundraising, planning and are higher profile. The local mission projects should be just as high profile as we are talking about individuals or in our own community, and we have the opportunity to serve on the spur of the moment, or we can plan time to be of community service, where we have the opportunity to share the gospel with people we get to know.

I want to share with you four local church mission ideas. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to do one or two, or maybe all of them, plus inspire you to look for other ways to serve in your community. Remember, the goal of all missions is to help those in need, and help them come to know the Lord, and mentor them in their infancy as a child of the Most Holy God.

Who Will You Feed Today?

Sadly, most communities have facilities for the homeless or “in need” individuals to go to get a hot meal, maybe soup or chili. Many of these facilities are run by Churches or Christian Organizations as local church missions, others are community sponsored organizations. It doesn’t matter who is running them, they all have the same intent. The positive thing about these organizations is that they don’t judge the patrons, they treat them like real people, people who matter to the community. These centres are run by mostly volunteers and they can use your help. Can you spare an hour or two once a week? Can you help serve the food? If you can’t help serve the food, read on for other ways you can help.

Okay, so maybe you aren’t comfortable serving food, or you aren’t physically able to do it, no problem you can still volunteer. Many of the patrons would love for you to sit and visit with them while they have a meal. They are often lonely and would enjoy a visit. This would give you the opportunity to get to know a new friend, possibly help them on the road to recovery, or help them get out of their situation, or even more importantly, it might give you the chance to share the gospel with them. It is possible that they have never heard it before.

Volunteering at a soup kitchen doesn’t cost you anything other than your time, which I am pretty sure you will realize you get more out of it than you thought. It doesn’t matter what you do, or who you visit, you can and will make a difference!!!

Feel Like a Coffee Today?

Do you go to the local Tim Hortons or Starbucks and grab a coffee to go? Have you ever thought about picking up an extra coffee, tea or hot chocolate and sharing it with someone less fortunate that you know, or even someone who is hanging outside the soup kitchen or on the street. If you are in a hurry you can drop it off and explain you are in a hurry. Better yet, can you take a 15 minute coffee break to stop and visit with the lucky recipient of your beverage. A simple act of kindness such as this is a local church mission, and pleases God.

If you are financially able, you may consider making a large container of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and taking it to where the homeless or less fortunate are during the day and enjoy a coffee with them, learning what their circumstances are, what it would take to get them on their feet and again, you would have the opportunity to share the gospel. Another simple and inexpensive way to serve as a member of your church, in a local church mission capacity.

These are a couple of inexpensive ways to serve God, serve your community, and help another person out. How else could we serve?

Will You Visit Him?

A local church mission that takes more time and commitment, and yes, a little extra money is one that will give you a real opportunity to share the gospel with a person in need. Have you considered taking the opportunity to really get to know one or two individuals and visit with them on a weekly (or more often) basis? This might include buying them coffee in a McDonalds or Tim Hortons and as the friendship develops, it may include the occasional meal. This is really developing a meaningful relationship.

I want to share with you something that a friend of mine has done. This individual came across a homeless person who was panhandling for loose change. He gave him some money, and engaged him in a conversation. One thing led to another, and he went back each week to say hi, and give him some more money. This relationship continued to develop and eventually they would go for coffee, then supper, and now they hang out at my friends house every Saturday. His new friend joins my friend and his family for supper each Saturday night. This is what I would call an ultimate local church mission opportunity.

I am not saying that you should invite someone you don’t know into your house, especially if you have small children, but you can meet with them in a public place, and pick them up for church on Sunday morning.

I Don’t Have Time!

I understand this statement. Until recently, I thought like this. Now I know I can make the time. What can we change in our schedule, take out of our lives, to make room to help. If you really can’t find the time to volunteer in a local church mission, or if you are not able to for health reasons, or for whatever reason, would you consider making a donation to help out a local church mission. Maybe your church runs a program, or someone in your church works within a local church mission.

If you don’t have anyone to donate to, and you live in Canada, may I suggest you donate to Streets Alive Mission, based in Lethbridge, AB. They help the street people in Lethbridge, feeding them, clothing them, keeping them warm, educating them, providing addiction assistance and learning, job training and so much more. To find out more about what they do, check out their website at Streets Alive Mission. You are also able to donate from this website.

If you are from another country, I would encourage you to find an organization in your country that helps those in need on a local mission basis, and support them.


What Would Jesus Do? This blog is not intended to shame you, or compel you to help out, but simply to ask you what would Jesus Do when it comes to local church missions. I encourage you to study the Word and make your own decisions.

All is Well!!

Canadian Ken

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  1. I am also guilty of thinking mission trips must involve travelling to a far region. The ideas you’ve listed are really inspiring, truly portrays the love our Lord Jesus Christ has for the world. 

    In my local assembly, I’ll push for the church to feed kids in the community, at least once a month, to help them experience the love of God. God bless you!

  2. Nicely put, Canadian Ken! I’m so glad there are websites and posts out there building momentum like this one. Touchy subjects like volunteering and soup kitchens are things that people need to be reminded of regularly. I myself am guilty of not contributing enough, but it’s posts like these that remind me of what an important mission is in life. I think a practical approach (like scheduling time to do this stuff) is so important. It can become a goal, like anything else. 

    I live my life by goals, and taking the time from my busy schedule to feed the hungry should become one of them. thanks so much for the reminder post! : ) 

  3. Very true and reality checking post.  I used to be very religious, not so much, but it’s true when you think about not having time.

    What if Christ wouldn’t have time to hear your prayers today, how would you feel?

    We should all be living, by the way, we would like to be treated by Christ.  Feed the poor and give something to drink to the thirsty 

  4. I think this post is wonderful in the aspect that it really encourages and encompasses a solid vibe of humanity.  Through healing of mine own and a consistent meditation practice I have come to know and experience the inherent connectedness of the human race and I love that you are encouraging others to take a thoughtful approach in terms of how we spend our focus and how we can prove to add value to the lives of others in a simple, kind and straightforward manner.  I think it is important that no matter the station of someone in life, there is always an opportunity to be kind and support our fellow beings.  This post really encompasses that kind of energy and I am grateful for the intention behind it! You have inspired me to look to my community and see where I can offer a helping hand.All the best and keep up the great work!

  5. Great article! This article really challenged my faith and work in the fold. I can say am also part of the larger population that think mission trips must involve travelling to a far region or an entire local location or wilderness. The ideas and opinions been listed here in the article are really inspiring and challenging and truly portrays the love our Lord Jesus Christ has for the world. Who gives all for us when we are yet a sinner. This article really spur up my passion for winning the lost to Christ starting from my locality. Thanks for sharing this helpful and blessed article.

  6. The love of God should be demonstrated and shared among people to have the experience. This can only be evident in providing for the needy by giving them food clothing and shelter. This is the love of Christ for human kind. This article made us realize the mandate of God upon our lives. This post has been helpful. Thanks. 

  7. What a beautiful post. Life is about helping each other and giving hope to be hopeless and also aiding the lifeless to find a reason to be alive. Actually it is very important to care for people around us. Church mission mustn’t be when you travel to a far country to help people. The charity should actually begin from home. I will love to help the world around me especially the less privileged. I will love to help them in my own little way. When I do so, what Jesus would do for me are numerous because Jesus has been good, forever good and faithful. Jesus will Provide more for me when I provide for others. 

  8. Volunteering your time and energy to help others in need is a noble idea and everyone should make an effort to reach out and help others. This can be either a total stranger or family and friends. But to be truly noble this deed has to be carried out with a genuine intent to help another person without conditions. We all need to respect others beliefs and should never  try and convert or coerce them subversively into following our beliefs. I live in Japan, which is a Buddhist/Shintoism based society. Christianity makes up less than 1% of society. That said, the Japanese are very proactive in volunteering and this is done unconditionally. Regardless, of your religious beliefs, you should always treat others with compassion and heartfelt care.

  9. Well said. I mean it definitely needs emphasis that for it to be a church mission it does not have to be global. I have this friend who went on his mission to Japan (we’re from Europe). But I have a feeling he would definitely reach the very purpose of his mission also here in his native country. Thus, I do see it as something unnecessary and in a sense even ego-centric. I mean, I know churches appoint them to a specific country, they themselves don’t have any influence over it. At the same time, it’s not like every single pupil in our country is educated about God.

    In a sense, I see it as something that is highly ineffective. Going to another country, you must learn the language, you must invest heavy amounts of funds to make it practically possible. It’s not like there wouldn’t be any better ways how to spend that money or time learning the language and help people. I see it be much more effective if people would just be doing missions locally.

    Either way, it’s just my opinion. I wanted to share it as it seems quite relevant to the topic.

    Have an Awesome Day!


  10. I really liked the article. Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions. I really appreciate it. 🙂

    Other than that, I’m a huge believer in not having time is an extremely vague statement. People always rush everywhere, no one ever has time. Yet at the same time their watching Netflix like 4-5 hours a day. Obviously, you get some satisfaction and joy when doing it. But the true sense of purpose that you feel and take pride into when helping other people who have it worse than you by miles or just anyone, is a feeling I wouldn’t ever change for anything. 

    I can say first hand it’s much more fulfilling than realizing 7 hours just have gone by and all you’ve done is watched Netflix.

    Have a Wonderful Day Ahead, Canadian Ken!


  11. This is an informative and educative article. You have thoroughly put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand the points. I have always thought i need to travel far and near for me to preach the gospel but  I must tell you I learnt alot from your article  and this is an eye opener for me. Thank you for this live changer sensitization..

  12. After reading this post i actually felt like I have been getting the wrong impression that traveling far for mission trip is compulsory, I had to look around me and saw that truly there work to be done around me, alot of people out there really need our help and this post just changed my perspective and has acted like a wake up call to many. Thanks alot 

  13. Wow! This article reminds me of the verse in the bible, “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”. Oftentimes we neglect people in need in our community all because we do not have time or cant make out time, but when we are done with one illness or the other, we find out that time is no longer of relevant.

    Your post has rekindle the fire in to remember to reach out to people I know I can be of help to, I mean people that cant return the favour, and share with them quality time while presenting them with something that can put smile on their faces.

    Thank God for using you to remind us about the importance of charity work and local church mission.

  14. Thank you for sharing this post. Sometimes we are so busy with daily activities that we ignore the fact we can also share a part of our time for local missions. As you have shared, doing simple things such as getting drinks and chatting with new individual can create opportunity for local church missions. Although it looks simple, we never thought of doing it and your sharing of this post reminds us we can do that.

  15. Very interesting article, I never thought about church mission, but before at the church where I was going, they have a program where every week a group of people volunteer to help with the church needs. doing this made me feel good, hopefully more people consider helping those who need it the most.

    Thank you for sharing this great information about helping other through the church.

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